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Car Alarms

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Lewis Electronics has been selling and installing Car Alarm Systems for over 20 years.  We feature Viper brand Car Alarms installed by experienced Technicians.

Our systems are available with the following features:

  • Audible Alarm, either Siren or Horn Honk  warns away intruders.
  • 2 way Communication is available. This lets you know the status of your alarm system via the alarms remote fob and/or your smart phone.
  • Alarm triggers: Alarm triggers tell your alarm that there is an intruder.  We offer triggers that notify the alarm when a door is opened, when a vehicle is tilted (when its being jacked up to have its wheels taken) and when glass is broken. There are also  triggers that operate when the vehicle is hit (shock sensor).  Door open triggers are included in every alarm and shock sensor triggers are included in most alarms.  Specialty triggers are available for all alarms including factory alarms that are already installed on your car.

Convenience features are available on our car alarms.  The most popular popular features are:

  • Key-less Entry ( this operates your power locks via a key fob )
  • Trunk Release (operates your trunk release via key fob)
  • Remote Start (starts your car via key fob)

Many additional specialty features are available.

To learn more about our car alarm systems we suggest you browse our website and we invite you to contact us via website, phone 216-921-3440 or in person at our store.  Our sales representatives will be happy to help you select the right system for your needs